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Naoki Kimura is a photographic artist who based in New York City/TOKYO(2017-), gone over to the US in 1987. He has been creating only Original-print works using basic monochrome. He has produced many pieces of fine art photography set in Europe atmosphere. Kimura's guiding concept is "Nagi-fluctuation". A word with Zen-like undertones, "Nagi" expresses Kimura's quest to capture in the frame those fleeting instance of "fluctuation" with it's Qualia created by the interplay of time and space in a particular place. All phenomena around the subject—temperature, moisture, natural and manmade light— Form a fleeting instant of beauty. This ephemeral beauty is Kimura’s NAGI(Lull), a Japanese word expressing the calm of, say, a lake as still as glass on a windless spring morning. Kimura’s object is to capture Nagi within the boundaries of a carefully composed frame. The shutter opens in that brief instant when the golden ratio’s harmonious proportions converge to form an ephemeral beauty. In its quest for unadulterated beauty, Kimura’s fall back on, he crosses the boundary all alone, and once there his sure eye shears away all superfluous elements with the clean precision of a Japanese sword until only the senses remain. “Beauty,” says Kimura, “is one of the emotions, a human instinct”. Kimura's work over that last few years has moved in a more honed direction to acquire a depth and solemnity works, which have been succeeded even to works in Japan as setting for his subject, that has found a devoted audience among US and Euro collectors.
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